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Why do you Need a WordPress Hosting AND Maintenance Plan?

In a digital world where cyber threats are increasing, having a secure hosting and maintenance service is essential for every website, especially those using WordPress. This is because WordPress, while being the most popular website platform on the planet, also happens to be one of the most targeted by hackers due to its widespread use.

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What does our 5-Star WordPress Hosting Plan Cover?

1. Daily Backups

The first reason why it’s crucial to have a solid company providing hosting and maintenance services for your WordPress site is the necessity for daily backups. Backups are akin to insurance for your website; they ensure that in case of any data loss or corruption, you can quickly restore your site to its previous state. Our professional service  automates this process, ensuring your data is backed up daily without fail. Our systems allows us to immediately restore your website if it goes down for any reason.

2. WordPress Updates

Secondly, WordPress frequently releases updates to improve functionality and security. These updates often patch vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. However, updating your site isn’t always straightforward and can sometimes break functionalities if not done correctly. Our reliable hosting and maintenance service will handle these updates for you, keeping your site secure and running smoothly.

3. Plugin Updates

Thirdly, similar to WordPress itself, plugins are constantly being updated by their developers. These updates can enhance features, improve performance, and fix security issues. Managing these updates can be a daunting task, especially if you use multiple plugins. A dedicated hosting and maintenance service will keep all your plugins updated, reducing potential security risks and keeping the functionality of your website working as it should.

4. Premium Plugin Usage

Fourth, at Brain Candy Media we understand that not all WordPress plugins are created equal. Over the past 20+ years we’ve tested many different plugins used to prevent spam, build forms and other website functionality. We feel we have found the best ones and they aren’t free. Website hosting with us includes the cost of these premium paid plugins such as Elementor, Formidable Forms and Cleantalk.

5. Theme Updates

Fifth, themes and child-themes also need regular updates for the same reasons as WordPress and plugins. Our professional service will manage these updates, ensuring your website’s design remains consistent and functional with each update. At Brain Candy Media we only use very basic themes from the most reputable theme builders. We don’t use fancy WordPress Themes with dozens of unnecessary plugins that can be more trouble to maintain than they’re worth. We build all our websites on Elementor. Elementor supercharges the power of WordPress with limitless capabilities and reduces the need for other fancy themes and plugins.

6. Security Updates

Sixth, the importance of a secure certificate cannot be overstated. It encrypts data between your website and users, protecting sensitive information from being intercepted by hackers. A secure hosting and maintenance service will provide and manage this certificate, giving your users peace of mind when interacting with your site. We also employ enterprise-grade security including edge protection, monitoring, and documentation including an annual SOC 2 audits and ISO 27001 certification ensure your sites are following the most sensitive industry security requirements.

7. Email Spam Prevention

Seventh, email spam prevention is another critical service provided. Spam emails are not just annoying; they can also pose significant security risks, including phishing scams and malware. Our robust 5-star hosting and maintenance service will implement measures to prevent spam, protecting your company’s email communications and you and your employees time. If at any time your webforms are populated with spam we will clean it up and increase spam protection to prevent further spam as part of our 5-star premium hosting service.

8. Hosting on a Dedicated Server

Lastly, we provide a safe space for your website files to be stored. Our dedicated server offers another layer of security as your website files are not placed with other high-risk businesses that could potentially suck all the bandwidth and do shady business that may affect your website and business reputation. With dedicated development environments, we put all staging and development environments created for your sites on a separate testing server. This is particularly useful if you need to test a new PHP version, perform load testing, or run long imports in a safe environment that won’t affect your production websites. This comes in handy when making major website updates or re-designs.

See more details about our dedicated server features below.

Why Brain Candy Media's Hosting Service is the Best

Happy websites don’t happen by accident. Loads of cool technology, thought and planning go into keeping everything running smoothly. Having a solid company to provide secure hosting for your WordPress website is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity in today’s digital landscape.

We use WPEngine for our hosting which boasts the following features:

Global CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that enhances website performance by distributing static assets, such as large image files, across various server locations worldwide, thereby making them quicker to download due to proximity and effectively managing high traffic by dispersing the weight of your site.

One-Click Staging

The process of website development frequently poses various obstacles, one of which is the potential risk of the site crashing after making adjustments. This is where the value of a “staging site” becomes evident. A staging site acts as a safe environment for troubleshooting or implementing website improvements, remarkably minimizing the hazards tied to live modifications.

Worldwide Data Centers

WP Engine’s global platform is backed by data centers around the world. From origin to edge we deliver high performance experiences for our customers.

EverCache® Speed!

EverCache® is the unique front-end system at WP Engine, designed to ensure all our customer’s digital experiences are not only blazingly fast but also remarkably scalable.

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